The Creation of the World. Day I : The Heavenly Chorus

WOLGEMUT, Michael (Nuremberg h. 1434-1519).
The Creation of the World. Day I : The Heavenly Chorus (In principio creavit Deus celum et terra. Folium II).
Hand coloured woodcut, 1493
225x222 mm.



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Page from the Liber Chronicarum or Nuremberg Chronicle, showing the Creation of the World: Day 1, showing the heavenly choir (God's creation of the angels) surrounding the Greek word hyle (the stylized gothic letters at the center spell 'YLE) representing the primeval matter from which all things are made.

On verso a second woodcut represents the division of light from darkness with two simple circles. Page from the richest illustrated Incunabula, the famous: "Nuremberg Chronicle", published the year that Columbus returned to Europe after discovering America.

The woodblock cutters were Michael Wolgemut, the well-known teacher of Albrecht Dürer, and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff. Wolgemut was Dürer's tutor between 1486-90 and recent scholarship has shown, Albrecht Dürer may also have collaborated, since some of the cuts bear a remarkably close resemblance to his Apocalypse series.

The printing was carried out under the supervision of the great scholar-printer Anton Koberger, whose printings were famous throughout Europe.

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